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Left 4 Dead 2 Online Cooperative Multiplayer First Person Shooter

I'm still annoyed regarding my experience with Left4Dead 1, the first in the series and to this day I've still probably played the demo of L4D more than the full game. I like the game, unique and fun it is, and was waiting for the price to drop before purchasing it. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of money, in fact, I have NO money, though I do work, this economy, thanks to corrupt a holes, has put a damper on my lifestyle, not as if I ever had a lavish lifestyle, but lately, I'm extremely broke (help!).

Finally, the time came when L4D(1) dropped in price, around spring, 2009. I decided to spend the money and purchase the game for $39.95. From what I recall, it was a Saturday night when I saw the game on sale. I entered in my debit card information, verified my information, started the download and went to sleep. Somehow I missed the fact it was still $49.95 on the verification page, sadly, as well, a couple of days later, I saw it was on sale for even less, priced at $23.95. I kicked myself and wished I'd waited, though there was no way of knowing, as far as I know. Anyway, when I got my bank statement I noticed Steam, Valve, whoever they are, charged me $49.95. I was pissed. I emailed them and tried my best to get some money back, but it never happened. Needless to say, I haven't played the full version much and so in regards to L4D2, I'm not sure what I'll do.

Tonight, the day after Thanksgiving(Happy Turkey-Day Americans!) I decided to download and play the L4D2 demo. I did and the game is alright, compared to the original version, it is pretty much the same gameplay. I noticed a few different weapons, such as an AK-47, machete, another Sub-Machine Gun, and what looks to be a similar auto-shotgun, not to mention frying pans, a nightstick, and some other misc. melee weapons.

I noticed a "bug-of-sorts" and an annoying feature. You can drop your pistol and pick up a melee weapon. At one point, I grabbed a machete and in-turn, dropped my pistol. I then tried to find my pistol and could not. The pistol has unlimited ammo and I think that is more effective than swinging a machete around. That annoyed me, bigtime. Also, at one point I had a machete and the sniper rifle. A smoker choked me out and one of my buddies saved me, but as he was helping me up, I had a pistol. As soon as I was fully recovered (standing) my pistol went away and I was back to wielding the machete. Not sure the full-version is like this or if the demo is from a while back when the demo was originally released and it was just not updated. Seems like a bug to me.

Sooooo... I'll post more info. here when I come across it.. This site is created, maintained, updated, etc. with software I've written and am writing. I'm working on some ideas and am thinking of a way to allow others to add / edit info. Originally was going to make about video game reviews, all things video games, and I guess that is what it is, but I don't necessarily want it to be all things "dave" and video games. I suppose I could buy another domain, but I currently own about 30 and need to get working on them all. Though that is somewhat easy and my software is connected to my hosting company and I'm able to manage all of my domains using the software. I just need to figure out some other features, things to do to improve the site and allow for others to enter their own thoughts, ideas, etc.

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